REF Nr. 29520
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Prevent loosening and fracture of anterior teeth during oratracheal intubation, laryngoscopy and endoscopy

Trauma to the teeth is virtually eliminated using the ENDORAGARD Tooth protector.
The highly shock absorbent material cushions the forceful contact between teeth and the laryngoscope or endotracheal tube.

Also the ENDORAGARD cushions between the upper teeth and lower teeth following removal of the tube during recovery.

ENDORAGARD Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured from a special impact-absorbing plastic.
  • Lifts the tube avoiding contact with the lips.
  • Protects laryngoscopes and tubes from damage.
  • Has a “special joint” that gives flexibility and ensures perfect
  • placement in addition to providing a handle for easy removal.
  • The special joint secures the guard against both arches.
  • Distributes force evenly across the teeth greatly reducing the
  • risk of tooth damage.
  • Has raised serrated edges for superior cushioning.
  • Offers complete dental coverage for maximum protection

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